Game modes dyyiiiiiinnnggggg

THE_LORD_OF_FERRETS 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 8

Pretty much all of us know the story:

      Rezoner works hard, puts in a NICE new quality gamemode, with lots of time and effort spent on it, and great new animations and maps.

      Everyone in wilds is like heeeeyyy! Oh yeaaahhhh! Thanx Rez! Imonna crush this new mode with my lit spear throws!

      And it's great. For like, a day or two. Sometimes a week. Hell mode, graveyard, melee, capture the flag(a little).

      So, why implement new modes, just to watch them claws special into the pit? Die like getting one shotted by a worm. Because they are GOOD. They spice up the game. They make it interesting. For a day or two.

My idea is to make ALL Gamemodes that are added in the future to have a queue, no matter the gameplay. In a mode like graveyard, for example,  if there is less than 10 players on, you'd play in fort until ten join. Better than running round an empty graveyard, right?

The number of max players in a queue should vary per gamemode. This would allow currently non-queue gamemodes (hell, melee, ctf, graveyard) to be as successful as queue ones(arena, Browars, 3v3, football)

Thanks for reading, if there are are problems with this idea put them down below, I am a heavily biased loser who took a few too many debate classes.

- The ferretsy lord of ferrretsy animals

Honestly sometimes your posts are just you trolling, but this I fully support. Goodonya m8

Thanks for the support m8. When was I trolling? You mean my comments? Should I be more serious?

as long as you dont cross the edge like some people do (cough cough ThereAreSomeWhoCallMe) its ok

BRING BACK GRAVEYARD!!! (cuz I wasn't around for the other ones. And I'm 14th on the leaderboard.)

yee grave yard was pretty fun

If you were around before the new map, you'd know that graveyard was bow-mastered, because the little rock thing that was easily defended and totally OP.

instead of queue, it should be a fast paced game mode, with rewards, graveyard mode its weird tho, its not like you can make  a short game with the objective of getting 10 people and some will have to be chased... there is no solution there

No the queue is to make it so that graveyard mode games happen. Right now graveyard is dead because no one wants to run around graveyard with 3 other people waiting for 7 others to join the game.