Other small things for winter map

issa04 3 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 3 years ago 18

Hey everyone,

new news about my work on the new map. I finish work on small rocks and stones that can be added to embellish the ground and make it more similar to a winter one.

Here's the work:

Also, i want to propose to add Jashin rocks in the winter map.

These rocks will be thrown by the penguins:

Penguins are cute. Also, how will ogres survive? Will they get remodeled to suit the winter theme?

More importantly, will there be sand worms or not?

I dont think that it will be in winter map. It is suitable only for desert maps.

Heh... I already thought about frozen ogre.

New ogre for winter map XD

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Olaf Frozen

I do not know if this was reported earlier, but if the yetis won a blue and white placement on this new map, they would look beautiful

So they should be white you say?

They should have white fur and log as weapon.

Im disappointed, i think my work deserve more than 1 upvote. Anyway the upvotes dont care me the important thing that you like them.

Well,I upvoted to this,but it's up to others and Rez.

I can give a upvote but I don't know what it does for you except additional score to average points. Just keep doing nice work, guys.

did you draw all those samples by yourself?  they look nice

Of course... The work take 4 weekends, not a little.

Imagine the meta: 1) Lure an army of penguins to follow you. 2) Take them to battle to start chaos and havoc. 3) Profit

Holy shit, no please no no no no no.


It's really well made, it's pretty obvious on that fact, but also the style strikes me as kind of unfit for the game. Some are on a 2d perspective, and others to me are extremely detailed compared to the slightly less on-point wilds.io game style.

Just my thought, but like I said, they're well made.


Wilds.io graphic?