To Rezoner

GOD Akuma No Hakaijin 2 3 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 3 years ago 2

Rezoner I would like to know if you can link my wilds.io account to different Accounts. 

For example there is a friend of mine who has his account with the facebook of a relative if that family member does not want to give the password could not enter. 

I have my account with gmail from my school and I do not know if in the long run they will erase it, that's why I would like to link the account. 

How to do it: I do not know if it would be so easy but for example to take a link i that your other account has it and thus you can enter with 2 different accounts to the same account in wilds.io.

Thx for your attention.

recently some friends of mine had problems with their accounts, they were logged into facebook but it went into maintenance.

Rezoner needs to see this, many players have such problems