Player of the week/month/year idea

savage doge 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 7

A player of the week/month/and/year idea would be great

So like if its football it would be:
Football Player of the weak: [name]

Football Player of the month: [name]

Football Player of the year: [name]

Just like that, same with the other game modes as well


Football Player of the week* not weak.

Ok.Seems legit,even though I think I won't be in any of those.

It works with other gamemodes as well

Still think I'm not gonna be in any of those,regardless of gamemodes,since I only can play on Friday and weekends.

I make typos very often


ok, so:

football player of the weak

football player of the mtonh

football player of the your :)

10/10.Btw what does mtonh mean?