Question about account merge

Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 10

This accident of mine happened couple of days ago.I accidentally merged my wilds account as gmail with facebook and I have trouble loging in on my phone to forum.Totally stupid question,but can this be fixed or "remerged" back?If anyone knows how to do that(if possible),leave a comment.Just do not dislike for no reason or bad one.



Your's sincerely*


Sorry,I didnt know what to write.Im writing on laptop btw,since i cant login to my account,dunno why,but when i try to change password,suddenly says im not authorotized,and when it finnaly accepts my password and everything,the sign in/sign up button is still here instead of my profile picture.


seal stated his message (mostly) correctly



Ha ha ha...ha very funny.

dont really know


Its ok,I guess Im screwed then.But srsly,what the f#ck?Even when my password is correct,i still end up unlogged for some reason,but it works totally fine on laptop so I really dunno what is going on?

for some reason someone downvoted :(


In wilds.userecho.com there is a rule that the real topic must have at least one downvote, otherwise it is not real topic. I'm talking like hater?


No not at all,I m just pissed cuz i cant login no regardless if password is correct,wether its through email or facebook,but on pc is easily  done,dunno why.If someone know how to seal with that,pls tell me,it s not as practical to comment as its on my phone.

Ive never used my phone for userecho (partially because my phone is similar with a tractor when it comes to internet connection, partially because im used to PC) so I dont understand your pain