I'm very sick of the lag

GOD Akuma No Hakaijin 2 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 4

This is not normal lag there lately. 

I feel frustrated by the lag lately wilds.io has much lag dejare to play a time in the end because I voi to sand lag, voi to soccer lag i in browars a like.

In this I was caught to such an extent that I could not move the part I had to fight with ping 100 it is impossible to win like this, I play a lot of money i points in these modalities so that later lose by the disgust of lag to see if can be arranged please.

yeah, theres a lag problem in the past days and i dont know how did it occur

+1 for that and for using google translate instead of typing in your own language

Same case for me,it's so laggy that I accidentally dashed for no reason when moving.But my ping is worse than yours,it's about 154 sometimes,the lowest U could play on is 79.+1 for this which can't be unnoticed since it's major lag.

agreed. When I see my ping go to 200 im smth like "Nope! *smashes down laptop screen*"

Finnaly someone with same problem who understands me and has experienced so similar case.