Splash potions

savage doge 3 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 3 years ago 24

You can add splash potions like a splash stamina potion, splash haste potion etc

If you have a splash potion, click anywhere then it splashes, this is just like a grenade throwing where you click and it throws but a splash potion version, it could be like splash potion of weakness even though that isn't added xD


I smell something... can you smell it?... its the scent of... Minecraft

Minecraft..... It's coming....

my brother brought minecraft for only 5 now it cost 25 lol! i stopped minecraft because of potions also -_-

sounds nice maybe we can change all potions to splash this way it can benefit ur teamates

 im thinking something like you press 1 and pixels fly off of your character give pot effects idk...

savage doge is tired. Because he added "xD" at end of his description. xD!


I think current potion mechanics are good as they are because having splash potions means there's a chance of accidentally hitting opponent with beneficial potions which can be as awfull as sh*t.

This feeling when you fight with enemy, you shoot fire arrow but he blocks it... and you get gold for killing someone. Trust me, it's happening often for me.

Maybe for you,no offense but,in my case I wouldn't let that happen,because instead of spamming arrows onto enemy I just make the each shot count.

Btw if you need tips just ask.

Feels a little bit..minecrafty

I know,splash potions are nevitable right now.You don't need them since it takes less than second to drink potion,unlike minecraft where splash potion consumption is faster.

I was actually thinking of minecraft but I don't play it :)

That game is nothing compared to this.

the only splash potion I can think of is molotov

I love the smell of Napalm in the morning... smells like... victory (a movie reference)

Molotov attached to arrow.

nuuuuu this would be too OP XD

Molotov held by goblin in chicken suit on pogo stick doing a tripple backflip over the map burping europe anthem while playing kazoo in slomotion backwards.What about that,Ukryty,is that more suitable?

totally, as usual as a rock

Finnaly someone who understands.