Links and mutes...seriously Rez

TheLegion27 3 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 3 years ago 3

This is completely ridiculous. I'm tryna give someone a link and the game mutes me time after time. I even tried it in game

Rez nerf mutes. It's just ridiculous at this point. Pls allow posting of links so that shit can happen.

I said gg in arena the three times i won and i got damn muted!


the mute button gets nerfed when the sword does

I also noticed yesterday that I could write as long as I want, unless I don't join any gamemode. After joining gamemode and leaving it, I get muted. And it's not for 60 seconds, because I was waiting 40 minutes(!!!) to be allowed to write anything on chat. Also, links doesn't work, and they all go to fort in EU server, so you can't join for ex. party (sorry FFFFFFFFFFF, your link wasn't working :/)