Bots Difficulty

Not-a-name 4 years ago updated by sushisling3r 4 years ago 13

Rezoner has of course buffed up the power of bots not so long ago.

This was because before, bots were way too easy to defeat, as they mainly only attacked. I remember when the old ctf was around before it was removed, and people went to an empty server there and would sometimes grind off of the bones of bots, because they were that easy to beat. They just had to go to the opponent team's spawning base, and kill all of the bots that spawned there. You could get at least of 50 bones or more.

And then rezoner realized that the bots were way too easy to beat, and tuned up their difficulty. A bit too much. Because now, bots can predict practically your every move (roll, block, attack, sometimes kick), and they are a pain to defeat. Especially for new players that don't know the moves or tactics.

An easy way to kill bots now is to use projectiles or spam kick (but they sometimes block kick).

The bots were definitely buffed up, but maybe a bit too much. They went from too easy, to a bit too hard, so can we change the bot's difficult scale to a medium? 

Funny thing is, i sometimes get beat by bots in-game, and i get SUPER SALTY. I say things like "f*ck you" or "noob"

when a bot kills me. I guess it's because they don't have feelings... or do they?  (⊙_⊙')


I think bots should be straight-up cut from the game. They serve absolutely no purpose. Instead they should be like better goblins or something.

agreed they should only be used to replace afk footballers

They are just waste of space if you ask me.

Sometimes I can't tell when I'm fighting a bot or a player. Bots shouldn't drop coins

If bots were a bit challenging, it will encourage new players to git gud... or leave...

the moment you realized its a bot, it should be a win for you... if you cant defeat a bot... i dont know what to tell you...

Alright ez tip for beating bots. Get near spikes, kick em into it. Or weapon throw. They don't stop projectiles and it honestly should be ez

As I remember they fight all weapons in same style as axe.

Charge attack + kick combo is op for bots. You can kill bot very fast and easy. And with ranged weapon your job is much easier. Bots have very simple movement and when you learn how it works, bots should be no more dangerous. 

In practice room you can train with bots, so just learn how deal with them.

Ranged weapon can be life ending for a bot of mastered.