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Ogre Bugs

J4sh1n 4 years ago updated by you 3 years ago 12
  • Ogres always spawn with 1/4th health missing
  • Ogres can take damage by having another ogre throw a person at them
  • Ogres have a missing pixel in their waist when they charge to the right
  • Ogres have a missing pixel in their "hammer"
  • If an ogre is killed and someone is in their hand about to be thrown, they will float after the ogre dies
  • If an ogre lifts you into a guillotine, sandworm, or spikes, you will die, and when you are thrown you will die again (You drop twice as many bones) (Credit to Shopkeeper for this one)
  • Ogre corpses can turn invisible (Same with yetis)
  • The first time you are thrown by an ogre, it doesn't deal fall damage
  • Clone animations and physics are very buggy with ogres picking them up. For example, clones can run, roll, etc. while being held (Credit to Sgt Pain for this one)
  • Clones don't take damage when thrown (Sgt Pain's bug)

This can really help Toke +1

cuz pixel bugs r totally helpful ;)

you bet they are

Under review

Sounds like 10 extra features to me.


Rezoner1337 3 days ago

"he didn't used memes to communicate his thoughts."

Why do you use memes, if Enkk didn't!?

Yo enkk quit. The memrs make it interesting

i was legit wondering about that

You l use them "nek minit".