Report: "Homer Simpson"

Seraph 3 years ago updated by ifram 3 years ago 22

Homer Simpson is an abusive chat spectator, calling people noobs when they really aren't, and even sometimes saying that "the loser can suck his penis."

 When his chosen player is dying a lot, he continues this by saying "oh yeah I can feel (player)'s mouth." and then continues that by saying "nice mouth".

 This is chat behavior that shouldn't be in spectators. They can't be punished for doing something wrong in-game because they're a spectator. 

They're disembodied voices watching from above, able to do just about anything and not get retribution for it.

Please, do something about him. He is very rude, and at first was a guest.

Yours truly, the now skull-wearing..

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

P.S: He seems to favor whenever I am in a game because then he can irritate me more and cause me to lose focus, he wants me to lose and says to kill me first (or so it seems). This player is annoying and should be put down. I'm also putting this in bugs because it's bugging me and there's no "Report" category.Thank you again.


I will give proof via image when I can.


"Should be put down" what is he, a dog?

In a sense, yes. a rather rabid one in my opinion.


That went from 0 to 100 real quick


Maybe add a scoreboard like thing with the names of the spectators so everyone can mute them,both spectators and players

Just disable the chat, no need to come here and spam the forum with your personal problems. Words are just words, if words hurt you, you are not prepared for the life little boy.


A player have to disable chat for an annoy guy??

People always disable chat when to the game comes Seraph ;)

yea but the thing is, its annoying

People like you are complete idiots, who can't even use the right words to describe their own stupidity. Making one post isn't spam dipshit. Seriously why should someone disable the chat because one person feels like making this place unpleasant. It's much easier and simpler to punish the person being unnecessarily rude. 


How would you know if you don't have one?

Screenshot is very important in this topic.

well, is there any wayt to make the watch mode only for people with accounts?


Well... last time I tried to report someone, I got hate for it... saying that I should just ignore. I think that there should be a mute option for certain players.


and the person who is disliking the topic could be him with its alt 0_0

PS. someone is gonna dislike my comment


It would be nice if you could disable spectator comments. They'd still be able to participate with emojies, but wouldn't be able to be that much of an annoyance

I think the same thing


OHH the irony!!! 

"Homer Simpson"


um did you try pressing tab to change your chatting region so you cant see what he says