Recruiter Badges

Not-a-name 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04.03.2021) 4 years ago 3

Ever since the recruiting system has been added, many people have participated in spreading the love of wilds.io to other people. Today there are over 200 newly recruited players.

And while it is nice that the player that has recruited these people can get 10% of their gold, i think that is a bit lack luster. For example: a recruiter can earn 1000 gold/coins and you will only get 100. That isn't a lot. And also, there are already multiple methods to earn gold (soccer, arena, quests, daily gold, etc.). So i think making badges for recruiters would persuade more to spread the joy.

Maybe there could be levels to recruiter badges. Example:

1-5 is first badge
6-10 is second badge

11-15 is third badge

16-20 is fourth badge

I feel like badges is a cool reward for those that are trying to get new people to play wilds.

And the more recruiters we get, the more new players we can get.


I like the idea. It seems fun and could make more people want to recruit others. I just feel like the recruiting has just taken a big pause. I also agree 10% gold is a little bit low. I also like badges they make me feel cool (。◕‿◕。).

But badges are a big deal and we can't just go making badges for everything. Recruiters would make sense, but just not for every little thing.

lets do 500% if 10% is low .-.

Then I can make my own recruit and try to get the most gold it's possible in one day. Thanks for 3-4k gold!