Confirm window in the shop

issa04 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

Can you add something like a confirm window in the shop to confirm you want to buy this item? You know, for the people who sometimes buy something on accident.

Thanks, issa04.


This was a comment by DragonRider and I put it in the ideas to see what you think and to avoid being ignored

I agree with this. It would be a nice feature.

Then there has to be an option if the confirm window will show or not.

It should be similar to the window that appear when you delete a comment in userecho.

Example: a player has collected 10,000 golds to buy skull and was looking capes that cost 8,000 golds,  as he does not understand English click on buy and he finds himself with 2000 gold. -1 player who has stopped playing

Wt_ 😂

This is the reason to add the confirm window Rez.