Jumping Glitch List

The Shopkeeper 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 3 years ago 8

I have a few jump related bugs that I decided to put in 1 post.

1. Infinity Jump Glitch: If you time your jump right, you can continuously jump over small rocks, windows, sand pits, and campfires without getting affected by their collision. (or dying in the sand pit) If you fail a jump when doing the glitch with a window, you actually get shoved into the wall and won't get shoved out without jumping or rolling. (shown below)

2. Accelerated Jump Glitch: If you hold right click while standing still and jump, you get launched forward a little instead of jumping straight up. (the game thinks you are doing a running jump so it gives you extra acceleration and drains extra stamina)

3. Jumping Without Ground Particles Glitch

If you jump with super precise timing in succession, you can jump multiple times without touching the ground and making particles. This effect is much easier to replicate with the yellow potion and spamming the jump button,

4. Fort Misalignment Glitch: On the corner of the fort shown below, you clip in a little if you move towards it correctly. You can jump to the left if you jump completely straight and clip into the walls. Any movement other than walking (which won't do anything) or jumping to the left. You could jump right over the gate (but only towards the left). When you hit the other corner of the fort you will take damage and clip out. You can also clip in like this by standing where the fort gate would be if its broken or if you your team claimed the fort gate and jump to the left.

I use the 2nd one all the time lol

you can push someone from other team into the walls like that too xD

or rope them or let the goblins push them

goblins are stronger than ogres ^-^

Especially when there is 200 of them :3

If there is 200 of them attacking you in same time when you block, you go out of the map through border xD

On the first picture your barbarian looks like witch on broom xD

Of course he is! What do you think how he find all those bugs and glitches?!