Frozen Charge Glitch

The Shopkeeper 4 years ago updated by Bigness 4 years ago 4
If you are frozen while you attempt to do a charged attack, you will get in a charging position and when the bottom bar fills up you make the charged attack sound, but you don't actually move or attack. You get stuck in the charging position after you unfreeze. While paralyzed in the charging position, jumping, kicking, getting knocked down, and using certain items fixes the glitch. You are unable to attack or do a charged attack. When using a clone potion, the clone will appear and immediately do a charged attack (spooky) and then act like a normal clone (except it can't attack or do a charged attack).


Yeah but the description said it was about dashing while frozen and if the title was just separate you didn't elaborate too much.

I wonder how you find so many of these.