Monster Spawn Points

J4sh1n 4 years ago 0

I think that there should be monster spawnpoints, because right now ogres/yetis/goblins just appear out of thin air. It looks kind of weird, so I propose these spawnpoint ideas:

  • The eyes in the cave for goblins (duh)
  • A big stone pen for the ogre in the top right corner and the bottom left. The ogre would stand still in it, and when approached by a player, charge out and break the walls
  • A forest of trees in the top left and bottom right could be home to a yeti span, where they would roam around until a player approaches
  • If Rez ever plans on adding water monsters, a deep area of water could be home to a kraken directly opposite the sandworm (getting rid of the room thing next to current goblin spawn)
  • An oasis with a shark could be located in the area right below the sandworm pit (above the little mountain thing with boxes)