Storage Box Super Complex Glitch List

The Shopkeeper 4 years ago updated by issa04 4 years ago 5

Man is this storage box broken. So, normally, if you use the storage box you can't do anything. But there are a ton of things you can do. If you roll away from the storage box but press B fast enough you can open the box mid-roll and get farther away from the box than normal. You can use your special attack while inside the box. You can me moved by being pushed by other players, attack knockback, and ropes. If you die while in the storage box the menu stays open and gets weird. You won't be able to use the box after you die until you get back to the box (if someone uses their spear special to travel with the menu open after dying and makes it all the way back to the box to see what happens if you press b, you get a cookie.) You can also click the chatbox and type, but you can't send messages or change from global to US chats. However, you have to have just joined the server so the chatbox says semi-open but you can still control yourself in order to do that glitch. The message you type while performing the glitch will not send or remain unsent if you exit the box.

Rolling Bug


Special Ability Bug

Beyond Death Bug 
Chat Bug

such bug much wow

Can you place things in the storage tho?

You lose access to the box if you die or do the chatting bug.

Well. You can have your job back...   XD

Shop you are very good at noticing the bugs ... but for me you should only report big bugs, not small mistakes. It does not have to be a perfect game (I'm not saying this is a small mistake)