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Add Hell Rankings that list highest player scores

Herr 4 years ago updated by savage doge 4 years ago 9

That is all

Actually, it is not all. Good job, Rezoner


Oh, and maybe put the viking helmet on the shadows instead of the crown. It might look like devil horns.

EDIT: I realized you already did, but the crown seems to be in the majority.


I'll just put all my suggestions here:

1) I don't know if the skulls can damage each other if they're a different faction (grey, brown, and black) but they should all spawn as grey so they can work together.

2) Make it so the shadows can't pick up and use power ups.

3) This one is more about aesthetics, but it might be harder to implement, make it so the shadows can't throw their claws, or lose them against a kick. And make it so their head gear doesn't go off flying when they die.

Good suggestions, also i agree with scoreboard for this mode.

whats  your hell record?

Under review

We have to balance that mode first - I am also not sure if it stays in game - we shall se after a couple of days if it will still have players. Anyway until we don't find a good difficulty curve we shall not add leaderboards as again there will be unbeatable players with 400 kills that shall not be achievable whatsoever.

Just a small suggestion, try instead of using the topic to convey your overall point — provide some evidence or reason why something should be changed or added to the game. It helps with your claims, rather than having two words (or none) in the text box. It tends to lead the topic to have a lot of questions and concerns on if it should be added to the game.

My goal was to be concise because the reasoning for it is self-evident and I didn't need an elaborate pitch. Scoreboards incentivize people to play. If you do well, it is displayed.