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is this a hacker

cornelis112 4 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 4 years ago 5

i've found someone who whas unhitable. 

here a vid about trying to damage him..

0059-0897 from cornelis

i coulnt not hit him, colide with him, nothing.

i dont know if this vid is enough but i think he is a hacker or something.

i am posting this in questions.


he is stil in the session so act fast owner/admin

his name is emretmelov


No, you can notice this is bot. Just look how he moving around. You can see, he try kill one shadow and he follow him all time.

Sometimes bots have strange bug, and they become unkillable.

Under review

I have added ability to inspect such bugs in the future. Pushing update to server.