Under review

well thanks game for give the ban

Sir Masakiller 4 years ago updated by savage doge 4 years ago 8

iu,m shared all of the ,messages that say

100 coins for share the game

and this appear

so i cant enter to my account thanks 


this says the ,message in inglish

Have denounced your message
One of your messages has been reported and we have verified that it violates our Community Standards. Messages violate our Community Standards if they include intimidating or harassing content, direct threats or sexual exploitation.
Keep in mind that we may temporarily or permanently disable the accounts of people who repeatedly send messages that violate our Community Rules.

yep this appear when i view that my account not enter 

so thanks:( 

i not share the game again :(

Wait did you get banned for sharing the game on facebook?


i think for repeat the messages much times

That sucks, hopefully Rezoner will be able to help.

and yep again my account is gone :(

,my coins ,my weapons all i gone

i,m not a gramatic

but all is gone so is pain that im fell now

Under review

If you have a google or twitter account - I can bind this facebook account to your google / twitter

oh your banned?