Replace Bots with Beasts

Sir Brutal 4 years ago updated by J4sh1n 4 years ago 8

I'd just like to say that I've always hated bots, and they really take away from the game. Beasts on the other hand I'm fine with; it's not like they're trying to pretend to be anything. Fighting bots just feels pointless, and it leaves you feeling scammed. Like they're just there to make up for the fact that not enough people like the game. They're not fooling anyone, except maybe noobs who think that they're just retarded people. 

Either make them better so that they don't take away from the immersion of the game, or add more beasts, or both.

I agree very much, especially because you don't really know how to counter them when they can just easily do it to you. They drawback your health in case of a fight with a REAL player and it's so annoying. I really hope this happens.

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

actually the bots on the server are there when a player gets out of the game before dying or at the start of the server, they are not really hard to beat unless someone alse is attaking with them, they can die really easy if you only drag them to the spikes or the sand pit. you cant just make a character disapear when a player gets out of the server, but also it should be a limit so it the people that abuse this cant do it anymore. either way monsters FTW


The person could be auto-killed when they leave the server.


Sure, this is good idea and i'm also thinking about it. Now players can make big bot armies, just all time joining and leaving on serwer.

Auto killed but no items or orbs drop

good idea yet it would take a few loopholes cause it kind of conflicts with the games mechanics.

You could replace bots with bears on brown, wolves on gray, and I have no idea for renegades. Maybe ravens?