Observer mode

Tohotom Vezer 4 years ago updated by Storm Crow 4 years ago 8

Add the option to watch someone else play.

How to imagine this? Something like:

1. Observe other player: the view follows a selected player. Players with accounts can block others from observing them directly.
2. Observe the map: you can freely move the view around the map.
3. Watch arena/soccer: you can look at a list of current arena/soccer games, with the list of players playing in them, and observe one if you want.
4. In 1v1 arena, observers could have a player doll standing outside of the map, cheering for the warriors. That way the players know how many people are interested in their fight.

- We can watch Egzekutor hack everyone into pieces in the arena.
- People can potentially learn by watching pros play.
- Builds community.

- Less players on average, since some of them might just observe instead.
- Rezoner needs to sleep between implementing two ideas.
- Makes the main menu even more complicated.


Or to watch as the Ezekutor suffers from lags ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I like this idea. Players can learn so much watching others on arena. Also it's fun when you can watching your friends during fight.

SO spectator mode Cool. Its in other io games so about time.

i give support

I like the idea of the doll outside of the arena. This is a good idea