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Can't leave ranked

marek.wodarz 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 11

Hello, i'd like to report that after ranked match is finished I can't leave it.


Under review

I need a screenshot from console (F12) when this happens ... please.


I have the same problem.

Console only shows some ad systems being blocked by my adblock, I doubt that this information is helpful

Ok i disabled adblock it still happens, will make screenshot

Awesome mate. Have you clicked disconnect button before making console screenshots? I can't see any errors related to it :S

Now I clicked, also when i spammed left and right button on "disconnect" it worked and I got back to menu.

I have same problem. I have this score window after the end of the round and it doesn't disappear. Ranked mode is unplayable ATM.

I spamed my both mouse buttons and this worked!


punch both mouse buttons it works!!

no, it doesn't work