icons for the shops ?

Sir Masakiller 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04.03.2021) 4 years ago 26

i think that this is awesome idea and more for the new players

here are the icon

i know Bad quality

here are the sprites

Well here are the idea thanks for look them

SirMasakiller :)

This is good idea, but without icons of items (they are really bad xD).


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this cant be zoomed


That's why the icons look bad

Oh jeez.. wait, I will send there zoomed version

Ok, here it is

Ergh.. Fix knife please XD

yep i know the quality is pretty bad

and the knife is amm...

i dont know

more that a shit xD

ok i try fix them

thx :D


The quality is pretty bad because you zoomed the image

if is more little the quality has more

and if me try a big image of the icons amm distorcioned.

bad english lol

but i fix them thx for the support :)

No problem. Ey, what means "distorcioned"? :D

Keep working! (Fighting with paint xD)

Here's the knife. I will try to delete this white around knife, but it's not that easy.

Some upgraded:

Try to make it some little, and print it into shops...



Just use lunapic transparent

"Just use (unknown word) transparent"

This is what I've read.

Search it dude Like seriously you couldnt even get there


I think it's very good idea. Shops is something a much players don't know, and also they don't know how it works. This can help.

I had to ask M-A-N-Y players how to use shops. Some was just stayin', some attacking, one was writing stupid commands (/shop, !gold, !shoprepair) and two other players was talking to shop. In Chinese and Brasilian (they used many languages to say to shop "Give us rope!")... I suggest adding something to Tutorial.

For me I asked one guy and i got the answer

I agree very useful. At first I thought (just by reading the title) that we were gonna chnage the ladies.

dzięki za wsparcie :)


Spokojnie zaszywaj się xD

here are your knife ukryty >:)

Good job! Now this knife is looking mo' betta'.

i create now the objects more big

am ukyrty use aseprite to delete the white around of the objects :)

Do i have to download it...? :D