Add Server Brazilian.

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We Brazilians have a problem called "locking", whenever we want to play we have to enter some server from another country, what Brazilians play the most is the server of America, but this harms us, because Brazilians have to connect with people from Another country to play, the same thing with the Americans, my idea is to create a Brazilian server just for us, it would be easier for us and for you because, besides the Brazilians connecting to the Americans, the Americans have to connect To the Brazilians and this causes a catch in them as well as helping us help you too, the game is great and we do not want to stop playing because of this, I hope you understand, and thanks for reading until the end. Brazil players are grateful.



There is BRAZIL server now. Tell your folks to pick it in menu.

Hey I think I typed wrong in the translator, I do not know how to speak in English, sorry, where it is written "blocking" is when the game is bugged and can not play right.


Hey, if there can exist a server for one country, I want Polish server too!


First of all, Poland is pretty near where most of Gaming servers are in EU (Amsterdam).

As you can see on this print, there's a big difference between Poland --> EU and Brazil --> US

25ms is pretty playable, but 160+... it starts to be something like a "Predicting" game, where you can't do some moves based on what the guy is doing, but you gotta guess what the enemy is going to do, so you can execute actions earlier so it compensates the ping, which results in something similar to a "Luck Based" thing, which ends in a bad gameplay when you try to fight High-Skilled players.

Amsterdam to Hong Kong? XD


There are more Brazilain people then Polish playing this game.

Under review

Not that much

United States 15%

Turkey 11%

Taiwan 8%

Brazil 7.5%

Poland 6.5%

Russia 6.5%

Ukraine 2.5%

France 2.5%

Argentina 2%

Canada 2%


8% Taiwan? I am quite impressed. If this info is true more chances for new server have Turkish or Taiwanese community :D

Yes, move us to the turks

I see a lot of canadian players tho lol

Where is Serbia? A lot of people are from Serbia

what about the UK?


The only reason this post exists is because of trump smh.

I do not even know who this is.



no, the brizilian people spam the america chat with spanish instead of actually playing the game


It is the fault of those who did not put the Brazilian chat, because whenever I play some game with a Brazilian he puts it in the chat in Brazil. And even if you say a lot, we all have the right to chat

Doge, that's the rudest thing I've heard in a long time.

how tf is that deing rude? its a fact.

that is the main reason there are 10+ votes isnt it?

I do not know if you understand, the idea is to create a Brazilian server for the Brazilians, we will have our server and you will have yours to avoid causing Bugs


Instead of a Brazilian server, I think there should be a South American server to serve Portuguese and Spanish speakers

True, I did not think much of writing a server for Brazilians, a South American server would be great! big idea.


There is BRAZIL server now. Tell your folks to pick it in menu.

FINALLY thank you.