Nemisis 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04.03.2021) 4 years ago 1

while using the clone potion in Catch the flag game mode the summoned clones never follow.They move about in random direction.The bots in CTF is also crazy they just keep dashing themselves in the wall.Trees in ruins also have a bug.When hit they also give infinite health and stamina.Hope you fix this soon.


Clones in CTF work same as bot, it has more sense than in ruins where rescuing them before sandworm/guillotine/enemy/whirlpool/spikes is terrible. When bot kills the enemy in CTF, you get his bones (some of them - bots are ignoring loot, so don't get surprised) and items from he or from boxes what they destroy. Bug with fallen tree give you infinite health at every hit in it was reported many times, and probably it was fixed.