Two-Handed Weapons

BerserkerOP_Pay2Win 4 years ago updated by simon m 4 years ago 11

Add an option to make each weapon two-handed.


  • Weapon becomes larger and has longer range
  • Damage increases
  • Shield is removed, so blocking will not stagger the opponent

What do y'all think?

There was some posts about this, but I think it's good idea. I will find enemies with two-handed weapons and kill them with much ease :D

What would be a good way to balance it so that two-handed weapons are not too weak, but not op either?

this kinda remember the berseker ,_,

YOU DONT SAY? *Looks at posters name and idea


Berserker was op because it could block, spam ground attack, run faster, and spent less time on the ground when knocked down. I do not want that again. I think it would be cool to have a more customizable weapon system, but not at the cost of creating a new Berserker.

I know that too

yeah the berseker are VERY OP

i ve played with bersekers and the experience are not good )=

I would like to see this, but it would be kinda awkward with claws. In old version of Wilds, there were no shields so everything was 2 handed. Maybe different versions of weapons?


Like 2 swords instead of one? Dual hammers, dual axes (Not like berzerker) etc.

Yes I would very much like that.

cool, cost 1000:)