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Hello this is Mistwalker Sakura, a.k.a Chaos Oathbreaker,

So recently, I found out this bug and it is when you type: " / something, something" and if you press enter to submit the comment on chat, you will notice that it has not appeared on the chat bar. I think it is because it has something to do with coding. Basically, I think that the computer saw that the "/" thing was first on the sentence and immediately mistook it as a command (coding). However, since I think that the computer most likely mistook it as a command, which was not, I think that the computer simply refused to put the comment on the since it did not realize that it was a instead a comment, not a command. Please fix this. It may be minor but it is sometimes annoying when a comment refuses to appear.

thats happened to me

No the "/" is not a l. It is slash. I think I might've taken a L for not explaining what "/" is.

the "/" breaks the string nothing to do with commands...

"\" breaks strings. / doesn't.