Update Mystery Boxes

Sir Brutal 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04.03.2021) 4 years ago 5

I think that the mystery boxes should be updated, most of the time I try to avoid opening them because I always get shit like the hammer and Christmas hat. Perhaps add something new that you can't buy in the shop.


I avoid those boxes, because they contain weapons what i have (the same like others unavailable in mystery box :D) - remember guests are trying to hunt this box, we love gold, they don't want gold, they love box, we don't want box.


Exactly, and I think that they should also be able to try out some of the newer weapons.

I have all the weapons and a lot of the skins, so for me it doesn't really matter. lol

Ice staff could be implemented, but claws and spear are still some OP. Players with spear can escape from you and claws are very fast. (I'd noticed something weird - I was walking with my friend who had spear, and he was slower, but after dropping spear he was same speed like me. When I dropped claws my speed was the same..)


I think this is good idea. Also the new weapons should have less chance for drop from box.