Three random pixels are on the bottom of the bronze/copper coin.

The Shopkeeper 4 years ago updated by Dead Wolf 4 years ago 12


Someone could give him a beating, please?

what are you on about, mate?

Nothing dude.... obviously kidding,

I just think there are more important bugs/improvements than three tiny pixels which will not change the course of the game and probably 95% of the people would never have realised. I think forum is for debating and sharing opinions, there is a "Private mode" for this kind of "bugs". None will disagree with this post, so, I would report it to Rez by private and it wont hide the rest of the posts.

Dont you think? :-/

Don't worry, I really love you honey.... I never didnt want to be rude :_(


Double negative


just that it doesnt really matter lmao

this is a very important matter.


HOLY **** someone get the pixel police


Um maybe this is small shadow under coin?


It sounds like all the major bugs have been fixed and people started to count pixels :D