Why not have test servers?

Tohotom Vezer 4 years ago 0

Even if this update is just a terrible April fools joke.

So, I'll be frank, this update is thrash. That's my feeling about it. If I look at it objectively, I know it is not. But feelings of players are rather important, especially since I'm not alone with this as I infer from this forum.

I'm not even trying to create a comprehensive list of everything that's wrong with it, but the most problematic elements are mirage and arrow homing.

Rez: What is your opinion about having test servers, where you can upload new features before you flood us with another wave of such thrash? (Not a physical one. Basically the idea is that you could select this at the same place you choose between Europe/Asia/America.) I know it feels cool to keep new features a mystery, but this game is way more now than just personal coolness, it's a community, and you have the responsibility for it.

And don't take this too personally, I'm only trying to help. Even if my disappointment makes me write harsh words, I see that you have a vision, and I enjoy what you are creating. Keep it up!

(PS. sorry for hacking my way around weekly idea limit by forcing my idea into question format yet again)