Skull staff: new necromancer-themed weapon

Tohotom Vezer 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 4

Design: a staff with a skull.

Melee: 1 damage, normal speed.

Charged: continous, like ice staff, but fires bats. Bats fly slightly slower than walking speed, move towards cursor, can be killed (identically to goblins), deal 1 damage. Costs stamina.

Special: drain. Blockable-kickable purple sparks hit every opponent in a small radius. 1 damage, heals 0.5 for every opponent hit.

Reason: go to hell with homing arrows


The update for numerous additions to the game happened today, and you're already wanting a new weapon?

Maybe just make the spear look like this. The staff is good enough this would just cause a lot of lag


Can you stop bumping old posts like this? You can see downvotes and this is enough reason.