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Grenade, stamina potion, grappling hook- what next?

achillesRising (aR) 4 years ago updated by thebadman 4 years ago 2


So far, I love the new items that you've thought up. The stamina potion is incredibly useful, and the grenade is very entertaining to use (though it may be a little too strong). I recently saw that you were working on a grappling hook item, i'm curious to see how it might add up.

I am also wondering what ideas you have for new gamemodes- I've seen a lot of players asking for something more competitive, and I'm wondering if these new items have anything to do with teamplay or coordination.

Basically, i'm asking what you see in these new items. Are they part of something bigger?

Under review

Good question. My dream would be a game mode ala DOTA but that is hard to design because we don't have that many skills, hero progression and items which leaves us with question if it still would be fun without these.

Rope can hook both enemies and friends. I think it may make a fun mechanics with palisades by exe as in jump through the palisade with a spear and hook your friends into enemy camp.

The next addition which I have not revealed yet is potion of mirage and I think it's super funny. You can create a mirror of yourself and command three archers at once. Sure it's OP but I have seen the fun players had when they were able to challenge the legion of synchronsied archers I have spawned.

Maybe go deeper and do something closer to DOTA/LOL ancestor - Future Cop:LAPD? Of couse I do not mean tanks, jetchoppers or Sky Captain in wilds. :P

Minions would be bought with bones which could have 3 colors, 1 per team which have no value for you but do for enemies and normal worthy to both teams.

Instead of neutral turrets there would be neautral guardians, converting them would add bone to spend or drop it like when you get 25% of killed player bones. Minions could be bought in base or purchased camp but at higher price etc.

If you decide not to work towards mode where you upgrade yourself but still want create moba-like mode then this could be it!