Nerf charging attack

Maldar 5 years ago updated by Lava Hyperion 5 years ago 11

The newbies always spamming charge attack and always beat normal players


If someone beats normal players, they are by definition better than normal players.

Guy, they are dont know how to block, but they just spamming, and if you pinging you cant block

Sucks to suck. Try kicking them.

and cant use shield?


Normal players are not that advanced apparently.

Im wery pinging

dude when you use a shield they is actually a short delay in this delay you are vunerable

It has just recently been nerfed. A player with a fully charged attack moves significantly slower. Does this solve the problem, or must it be nerfed further?

i know what he means they hold it until your shield goes down and it pushes them toward you witch suck because rezoner nerfed the sword from doing that but made something where everyone can do even players who don't login. It just one you can stun the player by blocking the other you just block and don't get hit.