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Tribe Disappeared?

BerserkerOP_Pay2Win 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

My name is Dankgoro, and I just witnessed my tribe disappear. Here is my story.

Note: I do not know how tribes work, so I do not know if the event of my tribe disappearing is a bug, but a few shady circumstances leading up to the event have raised my suspicions.

Scene One: I created my tribe

I saved up 1000 gold, and created a tribe. I called it "Team Lemniscate." The tribe tag was "Legend." I felt like a boss strolling around with the word "Legend" right below my name in red print.

Scene Two: I threw a grenade (Bug)

I threw a grenade, and the screen froze. The game was still running; I could move around, attack, etc. However, the screen was stuck on a single image. There was no other option, but to reload the webpage.

Then something weird happened:

When I joined the game again, I was not in a tribe. What's more? I spawned right next to Dankgoro of the Team Lemniscate tribe. Even though I refreshed the webpage, my character was still in the game, standing completely still. I watched helplessly as my past self was brutally murdered by the opposing team. After that, I never saw my tribe again.


  • If possible, I would like to have my tribe back.
  • I would like to know: do tribes disappear under some condition such as death?

Thank you all for reading, and keep up the good work, Rez!

Under review

Yo man,

try writing /recover_tribe or /help in the lobby chat

It worked! The problem is resolved.