Guild Chat

Poke Hano 4 years ago 0

Hi rezoner fot this week as guilds have been released or rather the update i feel that i have a good idea.(idk whether my other idea is 1 week old...) Anyways lets dive in!.

Why guild chat is a good idea

Guild chat is a good idea because it enables us to talk with our guild and discuss things like who to recruit into the guild or doing a 3v3 match with guild mates or 1v1. Guild chat overall would bring members together and enable them to work together to acquire land etc. (btw can you enable copy paste on chat? :D it would make talking to people from other languages easier)

How it could work

Right now when you open the tribe menu you see adminstration members and map.I have a proposals as to where you could put the chat.

Heres what I find would be a suitable place to put the chat. You can make another tab or section called "chat " and allow members to speak there.

Thats my idea for this week

Sincerely, Pokehano