Good work on the update, Rezoner. Here are some suggestions.

Herr 4 years ago 0

Addition of clans is nice, I figure they will play a larger role once the political map gets implemented. I take it you nerfed the charge attack, although I haven't full tested it yet. Stamina potion will be useful for staff users and the grenade is fun, although op at the moment. Only drawback is its rarity. Don't know yet if it's kickable, but maybe make it so if it's not, and increase its flight time so there is more time to react. It needs to be counterable IMO. Maybe reduce its damage a bit and then you can have it spawn more often and be more in balance with the other items.

My impression was, though, that the new items would be buyable in the armory and then you could assign them to one of the slots in place of one of the four default items. This would maybe pose a problem cause different items would spawn for different players. Perhaps you could couple explosives into a single item and the player would get whichever one they have selected in the armory while an icon of it also briefly flashes above the player to inform others what they got. Same could be done for stamina and power up potion. Also, this way the items would still be bound to a single slot so it won't mess with our muscle memory. And it would prevent doubles of the same item, so there won't be powerful doubles like double health potion or double grenade.

Good job, either way.