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3v3 Arena Invisibility Exploit

Herr 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 2

Alright, I searched for similar reports and there is one, but there is no mention of what causes the bug so I'm making a new topic for visibility instead of bumping the other one since I know what triggers the bug, which makes it easier to fix.

THE BUG is that if you win a round in 3v3 arena and jump in the sandhole before respawn, if the next round starts during your fall animation you'll end up invisible except for the name tag. Which still reveals your position but gives you an advantage cause the opponent can't see your tells. They don't know if you're rolling, or blocking, or charging, etc.

I won't name any names, but I just finished a session where there was a guy who consistently did it and then another followed his example. I thought I managed to take a screenshot, but my clipboard ended up empty. But you get the idea what it's like.


I played today in 3vs3 and I can confirm this bug. In last time I do not play often in pvp by computer malfunctions (playing in the game with 15 fps on the old laptop is really hard xD). By the way, remember that the bugs in 3vs3 mode, what I post still have not been repaired.