CTF Bot Bones Abuse

Seraph 4 years ago updated by Knight of Rage 4 years ago 3

I've recently found out that by killing bots in CTF, you can gain a ludicrous amount of bones without either being stopped by a player, being overwhelmed, or outright jumping into a void.

This may be why some players are still the highest in Bone rankings, but I cannot know for sure.

However, my bones were nowhere near half the completion to next bone rank. When I first "died" I ranked up to 8177 bones, where I only needed one full corner of bones for the next rank.

This can be abused, as I have said in the title.

And I suggest that the bones be removed from CTF, so that players can do things other than bonefarm. Thanks!

~Seraph (Reckon)

its true

my record was 100 then i stopped playing

Just killing the bots, they drops bones.

bumping to unbury, was buried by spam.