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Charged Attack is broken -Chrome OS

achillesRising (aR) 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

I play on chromebook, and my OS recently updated. Now, I cannot charge a charge attack while moving or pressing any key, and if my attack is charged and I move, it is used automatically. This is pretty gamebreaking, I will be unable to play the game properly until something is done about it.

Yeah,it happend to me too.

And you can't run either.

and I even powerwashed and reverted my whole chromebook and it still didn't fix itself.

Under review

I am sorry but I have no access to such thing as Chromebook. Although i am really surprised as I thought that it should be based on a mainstream Chrome browser that works same as desktop one.

I did some research, and my options are to

1) rebind controls, which will essentially make me a noob again, or

2) play without charged attack, run, or kick, because they're all messed up, or

3) quit, which is probably what i'm going to do. It's been sort of fun, but honestly, I liked Rezoner's Survival Game more than I liked Wilds.io.

I got same problem, but it was more advanced: If i hold any button, mouse was not working, and vice versa. I found this problem is in my mouse, so check your computer and gaming stuff.