A great majority of players don't know how to fight

achillesRising (aR) 4 years ago updated by Paradoc 4 years ago 15

With the sudden influx of new players who don't bother to do the tutorial or press the help button, The overall experience is decreased. Up to 60% of all players I face employ the sole tactic of 'walk forwards and press m1 repeatedly no matter what'. It's really tiring to cut through all of these people in order to find a worthy challenge.

Of course, it doesn't help that the bots you face in Practice Mode are so bad you can beat them just by spamming m1, so they get the idea that that is how you're supposed to play the game.

I don't know what we can do about this. Maybe if people are consistantly scoring 0 bones per life, they get moved to a noob server until they can prove their worth? The problem with that is that you can beat noobs by spamming m1, so they won't learn anything else.

A more complex tutorial system needs to be put in place, and emphasis needs to be put on the fact that if you want to be good at the game, you need to learn how to use counters, positioning, etc. because I don't know how much more noobslaying I can handle.

Maybe when new player comes to the game "help" displays it on the screen automatically. Or when the first time attached to the server. Just simple idea

then wildsio will need cookies


Maybe every new player should be automatically redirected to tutorial?

When you click play there should be some sort of pop-up that asks if you want to go trought the tutorial first,and if you have completed it,the pop-up no longer apears


Experienced players who don't want to go through the hassle of football or just wanna have a good time and a casual challenge get their own servers, a sort of 'master ruins' so they can play among themselves and not have to deal with noobs. You would get admitted into the Master Ruins after you acquired a high enough bone count or a high enough KDR, and you get kicked out if you somehow make it in without being good at the game and you're consistently crushed by the opposition.


The bone count is just so bs and the kdr is very ahrd to understand for other players so? Possibly i'd go with arena ranks

But several good players don't play arena, like me


This idea is bad in terms of keeping new players in game. Whole point is to make them jealous of some more sophisticated weapons that other, more experienced players have. So this works as a kind of jealousy-driven competition. It's an animal-like behaviour, which we share with all primates.

If we will separate so-called noobs from others, they probably won't even notice that other weapons than axe exist in the game (if a lot of them are too lazy to enter the tutorial, even more are more lazy to enter the shop). They will just use dumb hitspam, and probably soon get bored with whole game.

Currently, when the newbie sees others wielding a hammer/sword/bow/wand, he will most likely get jealous ("omg, this weapon is so OP, I have to get this") and will get attached to the game. Of course, in some cases it will work in opposite way - "omg, there is a lot of pay-to-win noobs, I should leave this game", but I don't believe that these are a majority.

I'm not so sure about this, so it will be nice to get some information from several players who started their experience with wilds more recently (like a week or 2-4 weeks ago).

Wow tytanowy ...never thought like that

... To be jealourls ...its a thrilling idea but ...i think we need something even better...


Good Player want to have a challenge, pitted against others of the same skill level.

New Players want to have a good time, learn some mechanics, and get good

The problem is that the good players are not having a good time crushing noobs, and noobs are not having fun getting crushed, ending with a bad player retention for new players. Because most of the "good" players have started a long time ago, it is hard to gauge the feelings of a new player.

This can be solved with noob-weapons...

I think I'll post on this.

I think your right...good players get bored of killing noobs and noobs get bored of beeing killed and yeah good players have started the game a long time ago...not everyone but some like me... Completely agree...

EXCACTLY and the better weapons being more expensive only worsens the problem, where veterans that have sword and staff can crush axe and hammer noobs even harder than usual!

I think tutorial through the gameplay online will atract new players to learn and stay...it would be good and we will have a bigger challenge against them...

Bring back "Try Harder" when you die and didn't do much.

It might also be good to have some sort of statement for new players, such as"This game is all about skill...blah blah blah"