More Interactive Environment?

achillesRising (aR) 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Shops were an excellent start: being able to exchange items for other items or making some extra gold to but the newest weapon a little faster really put a great touch on the game. However, I thought that a few more interactive things could be added in order to enhance the environment.

Fireball Stand: This immovable iron tripod holds up a red gem. If someone attacks the gem while it is charged, it creates a Piercing Arrow that is launched in the direction opposite of the attacker. For example, If I stood directly to the left of the tripod, no matter what direction I was facing, the arrow would go directly right. After launching a fireball, the stand takes 4 seconds to recharge. This fireball stand would be well placed on mountain battlements, perhaps in a new CTF map or King of the Hill map that uses mountains?

Lever with Drawbridge: Another defensive gadget that would let whoever controls the lever moderate who can cross. When the drawbridge is retracted, you'll have to use a Haste Potion to get across. The lever is toggled by attacking it. Again, would be appreciated in a more objective-oriented gamemode like KOTH.

Cannon: Jump into the cannon, point a given direction, and jump again to be launched a significant distance.