A 1v1 Combat Guide

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Hello everyone, I'm back with another guide. I am by no means a top ranked 1v1 fighter, however I have 240+ score in 1v1 arena. This guide is meant for people under 200 score.

This guide is updated for Jan 30th 2017


For beginners, here is my first guide on the basic controls.


For people who wish to do well in ANY game mode in wilds.io, check out achillesrising's combat tips:



Keep in mind, as all guides are, just reading will not make you good, it is simply a guideline to help your development. GO OUT AND PRACTICE!

This guide is divided into 2 sections, tips and mechanics(combos).

TIPS involve advice and perhaps a thing or two to watch out for.

Mechanics involve much more practice and/or experience to pull off.


Dash - Kick

Begin with a kick, then immediately dash in the direction you kicking. Good for a surprise kick, or to deal a little damage in the moment your opponent's shield is down.

Roll - Throw Weapon

A personal favourite, very useful against people ranked 40 - 150.

Roll, as your opponent is getting up from a role, throw your weapon and deal huge damage. Run around or fight unarmed for the next 30 seconds.

Watch out for an immediate kick deflection at higher ranks. always shield after throwing your weapon or move from your original position

BOW- Double Arrow

Charge up the bow, shoot the enemy and special 1/2 a second later(or sooner depending on range). A small adjustment may be made between the two arrows. If both hit, this will knock your opponent over and take out half their health.

WAND- Freeze - Weapon throw

Basically the roll - weapon throw, except you freeze the opponent, then follow up with a weapon throw. Good for dealing damage while you have low stamina. Watch out for the kick deflection.

I find that if you freeze an opponent trying to use a charged attack on you, this will pretty much always hit.


For Bows and Wands - Snipe window

Zoom out with (ctrl -) or (cmnd -). The screen will zoom out, allowing for more accurate snipes.

(This was originally an exploit, however Rezoner said bigger monitors would have an advantage if this was taken away. So he left this feature as is.)

Special control

Oftentimes, the sword special makes it the strongest melee weapon. If you are playing a melee weapon, try to keep track of its special. If you cannot do so in your head, USE YOUR SPECIAL AS THE SWORD DOES, or very soon after. Use this as a measure, when your special comes up, the swordsman will also have their special.

Unarmed Combat

Unarmed combat is the dividing line between higher ranks and lower ranks. At lower ranks, when you lose your weapon, you become an easy target. At higher ranks, losing a weapon just means less punishing potential, which is still a disadvantage.

Perhaps I will post an unarmed combat guide in the future.

All guides - http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/2048-guides/

Very good,this is helpful for beginners and more experienced players


Good guide for low and medium advanced players. Howewer one tip from me: Remember that the most important is customize your preferences style fight to the enemy. each player has its own fighting style, and the key to victory is to understand how the enemy fights. Sometimes you need for this one fight, but sometimes you have to spend it more time, and not be discouraged by the defeat especially with an experienced player. Keep learning and certainly will improve your results. If anyone has any questions I am at your service :]

Btw player is unarmed for 15 sec, not 30 :p

BTW if anyone has questions, you can find me in game as fonky.

I well done ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hah ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

thanks for the shoutout bro