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Kick is broken after the last update

Herr 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 7

As the title says, after the last update the kick move doesn't trigger reliably. Sometimes it triggers on the first click , sometimes on the second, sometimes on third. You need to spam click to be sure it triggers and even then it messes up your timing. It particularly affects football.

Under review

Can anyone confirm this issues? I am not having any problems with kicking, running or overall controls.

Is there a chance that you have assigned the same button for more than one action? (In settings)

I can only speak for myself, but I have seen other's struggle with the kick in football. They get near the ball and then stand near it or run past it when it was obvious they wanted to kick. Same for deflecting projectiles. They get hit and then kick like slowpokes. Others have also written in the chat "wtf, I kicked". It worked fine for me before the update, and nothing changed on my end. I did put down the middle mouse button as the secondary bind for run/kick as I like to kick with the mmb, but that's not the issue since it's the same when I clear that field. The run/kick is a double bind by default. It just worked better before the update. Click for kick, hold for run. Now you click and the avatar raises the weapon for running. No matter how quick the click is.

There seems to be approximately a 2 second delay from one kick to the next, where you can't kick in the time between. Maybe it's to prevent spamming, but in my opinion the delay should be brought down a bunch.

Yes there is cooldown on kick - it's from the old times when people were spamming kick like crazy, and it was OP... I think it's not needed anymore as we have good counters for everything now - same for block and roll.

I no longer have the issue, I can kick consistently now. I don't know if it has been addressedd or if I was having a glitch, but problem resolved I guess. It wasn't a problem with the delay, the kick simply didn't trigger reliably even when I haven't kicked in a while. But now it does. So don't go potentially unbalancing the game on my account.


Fortunately I am in a bed with a tablet which has no access to the game source code :P