A Beginner's Guide

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All guides - http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/2048-guides/

So the last guide I found on the forums was severely outdated, so I decided to create a new one, as of the Jan 20th Update.



WASD - Movement

Left click - Swing attack, medium damage( around a quarter of a player's health)

Scroll down - Block, block kicks or swings, causes a brief stun on a successful block. You will not be able to perform other moves whilst in a shield state. (Lasts approx. 3 seconds)

Scroll up - Roll, counters shield, can be used to immediately end a shield's duration. Low Damage

Left click - Kick, kick people rolling, deflect arrows or knives or thrown weapons. Also used to disarm opponents "spam swinging". Low Damage.

Space - Jump, dodge rolls, jump over the abyss.

'F' - Throw Weapon, throw your weapon, If hit, deals high damage.

'R' - Special(See Weapons below)


Double tap WASD - Dash, can damage opponents and knock them down if hit

Double tap WASD while scrolling down - Shield Bash, can break shields and/or knock the opponent tot he ground, causing small damage.

Hold right click - Sprint, run faster. While running, your sprint bar goes down. You will stop sprinting once it reaches zero. Your spring bar is located on top of your items bar.


Items may only be used if picked up beforehand.

'1' - Health potion, Heals you more than a quarter of your health. Will automatically be used if you take fatal damage.

'2' - Speed potion, speeds everything up, fall speed, run speed, swing speed.

'Q' - Bomb - May be placed on the ground to begin detonation. If anyone(including you) is inside the bomb radius when it detonates, they will take very high damage and knock back. Team bombing is disabled in 3V3 Arena, however, the bomb can still hurt the placer(you).

'E' - Knife - Throw a knife in the direction of your mouse. Deals High damage.

Armor may be picked up as extra health, no controls.



In Wilds.io different weapons have different abilities specific to each.

Special - Press R

Charge - Hold left click


Special - Shockwave, little damage, medium range, knocks players to the ground.

Countered by: Jump, Shield(prevents knock to the ground, still takes damage)

Charge attack - Standard melee charge, heavy damage


Special - Hammer Smash, damages a quarter of a players health if landed in the sweet spot, knocks players to the ground. While performing the smash, the player is invulnerable. Useful for chasing down players or making an emergency dodge.

Countered by: Move away(take less damage), Shield

Charge attack - Standard melee charge, heavy damage


Special - Sword Spin, high knock back, deals a damage equal to a quarter of a player's health.

Countered by: Shield

Charge attack - Standard melee charge, heavy damage


Special - Strong arrow, knocks players to the ground, acts like a normal arrow

Countered by: Shield, Kick(Deflect it)

Charge attack - Shoot the Bow, shoots an arrow, dealing solid damage. (Can be countered by shield or kick like the special)

Ice Staff

Special - Freeze, Shoots a freeze spell, dealing no damage, freezing the opponent to one spot for one second.

Countered by: Shield

Charge attack - Must hold Left click, High duration spell, deals damage as long as the zap is in contact with another player. If shielded, the caster will be stunned.

Please feel free to comment any corrections or details I'm missing. Thanks! If anyone is able to find/take screenshots of any maneuvers outlined above, they would be greatly appreciated,

All guides - http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/2048-guides/

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It's right click to kick. Not left click.

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