Chat Scroll and FullScreen don't work, and there is no Volume adjuster...

Sir Brutal 4 years ago 0

There seems to be something that is supposed to be a scroll, but it doesn't work.

Also there is an X button in global chat, and when you hit it the chat goes away completely. I personally don't think there even needs to be an X bottom for Global Chat, but there should be a minimize for the in game chat, because it can sometimes be distracting when you fight.

Other things that should be fixed:

- In game Full-screen mode doesn't work, (it works on the home screen, but not in battle).

- You can't adjust the volume

- When you want to fight in the Arena, but you don't want to fight in Ruins it's supper load, but if you mute it you wont know when the match starts so you'll lose the match. Have something like the old football when the Arena match starts play music, that "We will rock you" tone :)