Repost: Parries?

Seraph 4 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 4 years ago 2

EDIT: I genuinely think this should be a thing, there is too much spam in-game, and it's annoying me a lot. Please, fix it somehow.


Could you add parries to the game, for a counter to a 3-5v1 and they're all attacking, allowing no escape? I think it should allow easy escape, to take them down one-by-one.

If you do add this, it would be much appreciated. I'm not pressuring you, but if you could I'd be thankful. Thanks for listening.

~Seraph, current in-game name Taeverkuemis

Ending edit: Spam genuinely annoys me down to the bone, just watching a group of guests spam as you attempt to block them all and inevitably die, It just doesn't work for me.

Good idea, but this wasn't a problem when your team mates were solid players to you. In fact it was sometimes good when you had multiple attackers because they would get in the way of each other, which is actually more realistic because that's what you would do in real life if you're faced by multiple attackers.I think he got rid of solid team mates mostly because of Ruins and the stupid Bots he added. The Ruins map should honestly be a lot bigger to better accommodate more players.

He should get rid of the bots and make your team mates solid again.