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Voice Commands

Sir Brutal 4 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 4 years ago 9

I think that it might be cool if the King could command the bots. It would make sense for the King to have extra powers.

  • Attack - the bots would attack the enemy spawn/flag
  • Defend - the bots would defend spawn/flag
  • Follow - the bots near by would follow the King around
  • Help - the bots would come to the Kings location

Maybe also add:

  • Spread Out - the bots spread out in a perpendicular line behind the King.
  • Charge - the bots would run in front of the King.

Dec 30th, 2016

Such a Good Idea!

i think that should be a whole different class

its something like the class i posted


This is an old post and is no longer relevant to the game.

didnt see the date

Yeah, I don't know why he bumped half of my old threads. lol

If I could I'd delete most of them.

They are bots not slaves #BotRights

But as you can see in CTF, most of brown bots is just running into the market with knives, so people can get the flag easily. Maybe they has to become slaves ;D

Interesting idea! Would be useful as every player tries to kill you when you're king.

Under review

It would be cool if you could resuce prisoners like in Metal Slug, and they would obey you.