Improve the Training Map

Sir Brutal 4 years ago updated by v2. 4 years ago 3

Make it so that:

  • More than one player can join
  • You can disable the bot.
  • Have access to Global Chat while in Training
  • Perhaps have command lines that you can type into chat to spawn different animals or AI.


add a list at the side of the screen of different monsters to spawn. the monsters would spawn when you click the different buttons. also add a skale of A.i for bots. 1 being slow to think no special attacks and five being auto reactions intelligent strategy and special attacks such as pounce for hammer and spin for sword. even perhaps options to change the training map and change bots size.

Mostly I just want to be able to spar with a few other players and be able to chat and try different att/def strategies. I do not enjoy fighting bots, for some reason it just seem pointless to fight something that isn't another human.

The Train bot is fucking amazing at countering blocks and rolls (too amazing), but it will always just come running at you so you can continually kick it and it can't do shit.

You can already invite more than one player by sending the link that the game provides. I do this often with people on discord.