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Arena Score

Sir Brutal 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 7

Instead of having the score caped at 200, have an exponential decrease in the percent return after 200.

This way you can still increase your score, but with decreasing returns.

It might not be exactly how I've shown it, we'd need to play around with the curve, or even have a linear decrease, to make sure it's well balanced.

Dec 29th 2016

I'm not so sure about this idea because what's the incentive? Is the incentive to prove that past rank 200 you're a great player because the score becomes harder and harder to reach? I was talking to Egzekutor about making a level cap, which I'm happy to see as 4,000 is an absurd number, but I also talked about having arena win to lose ratios. This can show that even though you're at rank 200, you have a great win to lose ratio. This could also be implemented with ratios for ruins, football, and capture the flag.


Yeah, it would be nice to have some statistics. Including:

  • Win to Lose
  • Kill to death

Kill to death because if you crush people 3 to 0, it's a lot different than winning 3 to 2.

Also what about campers, people who get to a certain score and than stop fighting??

That's true, would be nice to have statistics like that. Maybe brackets showing win/lose ratios + kill/death ratios?

So something like

Ruins kdr: 3/1

Arena win lose (overall): 5/1

Arena win 1 point: 4/1

Arena win 2 point: 3/1

Arena win 3 point: 2/1

Under review

The score is not capped at 200 :) I just brought back top players to 200 and reworked the formula. (+10 win / - 10 loose) It's pretty much like football now except top players will not have much opponents to play with and that should prevent happily evergrowing score.


Ah okay, it looked like the scores were capped at first haha

Would it make sense to round everyone's scores up or down, since now you can only score by 10s??

Okay, so what if we also got points per kill? On top of what you get for winning.

So if you won 3 to 2 you would get: 5x3 - 5x2 + 10 = 15points. or 3 to 0: 5x3 - 5x0 +10 = 25points.